TRA Gallery presents “SENSE OF SELF” The debut solo exhibition by Argentine based artist Jessica Trosman

December 2-31, 2023

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About the Artist: Jessica Trosman

Miami, FL – TOMAS REDRADO ART Gallery is thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking solo exhibition by renowned artist Jessica Trosman, making its debut during the highly anticipated Miami Art Week. Trosman’s sculptural oeuvre transcends traditional artistic boundaries, offering viewers an immersive journey into the depths of the artistic psyche.

About the Curator: Carlos Huffmann

Carlos Huffmann, the curator of this exhibition, brings his expertise in contemporary art to guide the presentation of Jessica Trosman’s transformative sculptures. With a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of the intersection of Jessica’s fashion inheritance and her textile sculptures, Huffmann plays an integral role in shaping this unique artistic experience.

About the Exhibition

The exhibition by Jessica Trosman promises an array of sculptural marvels. Trosman, renowned
for her 30-year career in fashion design, is creating a new body of work specifically for this
exhibition. Her sculptures, characterized by the interplay of textiles, colors, and innovative
materials that are rooted in her history, will explore the intersections of fashion, design, and
contemporary art.

From monumental installations to intricately detailed pieces, the collection embodies a vivid
spectrum of emotions and experiences. Trosman’s exploration of materials like metal sheets,
carpentry, steel cables, and synthetic ropes brings a fresh lexicon to her artistic practice, enabling
her to push the formal and expressive limits of her work. “Trosman, without waiting for external
approval, she immersed herself in the industry and market, where her vital impulse gave rise to
elemental intuitions at the core of art: mistakes are the midwives of discovery, matter is imbued
with thought by the hands that shape it, and the artwork is not merely seen by the eye but by the
presence of the viewer’s body before it, like a magical mirror reflecting their inner state.” Says
curator Carlos Huffmann.

Art lovers, critics, and the public at large are cordially invited to witness the unveiling of Jessica
Trosman’s transformative sculptures at TOMAS REDRADO ART Gallery during Miami Art

The exhibition will run from December 2nd to the end of the year.
For further inquiries and information, please contact TOMAS REDRADO ART Gallery at
+1 (561) 765-0695 /


Proceeds of the show will go
to support war victims of Israel.