Born in 1991 Cologne, Germany. Gabriela Ayza Aschmann is a Spanish-German artist currently based in Miami,Fl. She lived and studied in Andalusia, graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Seville and completed her training at the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona, Spain. Her practice represents the search for the poetic. She begins with considering that listening to ourselves and our environment brings us closer to the core of our existence. In her paintings one can find humor, sweetness and hardness at the same time. The artist observes and empathizes how humans are, measurably, beasts and brutes. Bluntly, she questions why humanity hides its beastiality: What is so dangerous about our depths? Her work is focused on oil painting, although in his process we can find poetry, theater, analog photography and the sculptural aspects.

Degree. Fine Arts at the University of Seville and University of Barcelona. Spain 2013-2017
Superior grade. Fired enamels on metals. Seville.Spain 2011-2013

Pictorial training with Axel Void 2019-2022
“El relato según las formas” Ignacio Estudillo, Granada. 2017
Ale Casanova, MEAM Museum, Barcelona. 2015

“Mom, let me be an animal for one day” Tomas Redrado Gallery. Miami 2022
“I have an idiot inside me” Edge Zones Art Center. Miami 2020
“Soy colectiva” Sala Kstelar, Junta de Andalucía. seville 2018
“Figure and landscape” Finca La Fronda, Alájar. Huelva 2017

“Wet” Tunnel Space. Miami 2023
“Impermanence” Urbanism Summit in collaboration with Void Projects. Miami 2020
“Festival of murals at home” Void Projects. Miami 2020
“72H” Zunino Gallery. Seville 2020
In wall we trust” International Street Art Festival. Airola, Naples, Italy 2019
XII Casimiro Sainz National Painting Contest. Cantabria 2019
“La conquista del espacio” Seville 2019

“Gøtulist føroyar” Faroe Islands 2021
Void Projects, Miami 2019/20