TOMAS REDRADO ART is a growing contemporary art project dedicated to showcasing the works of emerging and established artists.
For the last year we have exhibited out of our gallery space in Little River, Miami, hosting visual artists, musicians, and performers as a way of lighting up the Miami Community and introducing them to the latest in international contemporary art.

To commemorate our artists and celebrate the first anniversary of Tomas Redrado Art Gallery, we are happy to announce the inception of TRA STUDIOS, multidisciplinary art spaces for the residing artists of Tomas Redrado Art, located 3 minutes from the Gallery.
Our first two resident artists have exhibited at our gallery before, Brigette Hoffmann and Gabriela Ayza Aschmann. As always, we are curious and excited to see how our artists will continue honing their work with the assistance of TRA.

As we continue to grow, so does our dedication to promoting and showcasing contemporary artists from around the world.

From everyone at TOMAS REDRADO ART we thank you for the last 3 years in Miami and for what’s to come.

Gabriela Ayza Aschmann. Born in 1991 Cologne, Germany. She is a Spanish-German artist. She lived and studied in Andalusia, graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Seville and completed her training at the University of Fine Arts in Barcelona, Spain.
Brigette Hoffman is a faux-naive contemporary artist from Miami, Fl. Her work focuses on themes like play, sexuality, social constructs, and privacy. She is best known for her sculptures but also has a love for painting, animation and set design.